Little League

Little league is where every star is born.  It was where a young softball girl’s dream begins or can be shattered.  Development is key here and the proper development is necessary.  It starts most importantly with great coaching.  Coaches must be positive, learn how to work with young ladies and introduce the best basic skills to build a great foundation.  Our volunteer coaches range from the ex pro baseball player to our Sunday school mom boldly stepping in where nobody else would.


MVP begins with a coaching seminar.  Coaches will learn how to work with young ladies on a positive level, how to inspire, motivate and discipline.  Coaches will learn how to teach basic fundamentals, from throwing to hitting and some very basics of pitching and catching as well.  Proper Stretching Techniques, dynamic stretching, basic speed/agility and conditioning are introduced for stamina and endurance.

Each coach in the league is required to attend, participate and even execute most drills.  They will witness actual coaching in groups and also one on one coaching.  These seminars are fun, enlightening and each coach participating will receive and MVP t-shirt up to ten participants.  They will also take home a helpful coaches’ manual that can be referred to time and time again.  For maximum benefit, leagues should participate in fall and spring seasons.

The cost for this seminar is very affordable for the league and priceless for our dedicated coaches and the young ladies they are coaching. A five hour seminar that breaks for a half hour lunch, will be done at leagues home facility for $400.  Some of the cost can be supplemented by the league and shared with coaches as well.                                                             


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