These academies are changing pitching across Orlando.  Young softball ladies can be taught the best and most advanced pitching mechanics and drills.  Academy preferred age is 8 to 14.   This positive and fun experience not only introduces a young aspiring pitcher to great techniques, how to work smart and safely but also teaches a pitching how to perform mentally on the mound.

In this academy, she will learn a proper stretch, safe and necessary drills, a wind up that is suitable for her and how to approach and present from a mental perspective.  These academies will change a pitchers life, not only in the game but give her confidence in the rest of her world.

Academies are done with individual teams,  travel ball organizations  and even entire leagues.  Ideally the program will be launched with a two hour camp introduction to pitching and the program that coaches, not only pitchers will attend.  For best results the program will last 5-8 weeks after the camp.

For individual teams and organization, two hour sessions are best and will include an exercise routine after the initial camp.  League academies can be done in age groups and hourly increments. Some of the costs can be supplemented by the league, organization or team.

Initial Camp Fees are $40 a camper with a six pitcher minimum.  Five weeks of a one hour session is $80 per pitcher and five weeks of the two hour enhanced pitching program is only $150 per pitcher.  All participants are required to bring a catcher, plenty of water and a positive attitude!  All girls must attend camp to begin building the foundation to their pitching masterpiece.